Forest Island Project

Founded in 2017 by Christopher James and Kiersten Puusemp, The Forest Island Project was envisioned as a kind of art think tank in the moutains. Forest Island offers artists residency, workspace and coöperation with researches, athletes, and other stakeholders in the community around Mammoth Lakes, California. Artists pursue extended projects related to themes that inquisition the relationship between human beings and what we think of as nature. In addition to public presentations and exhibitons, two book length Activity Reports have been published that provide space for critical and creative texts along with documentation of the work and programming to date.

participating artists have included:

Krysten Cunningham

Helen Mirra

Drea Zlanabitnig

Patricia Fernandez

Alexa Horochowski

Alice Konitz

Brian O'Connell

Nina Waisman

Forest Island is on an extended furlough due to CoVid -19 related disruptions.